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Professional Male Strippers… Just For You!

Old Town Scottsdale Strippers will provide your party with the hottest male strippers in Scottsdale and the Phoenix area. We pride ourselves on delivering sexy, energetic, and professional male entertainers straight to your doorstep. Whether you are throwing a bachelorette party, celebrating grandma’s 90th birthday, or want to spice up the event with sexy men, these HOT exotic dancers know how to personalize each experience and put on a special show just for your group!

Do you have a special request?
We can put together a custom experience!

How It Works

We guarantee our Male Strippers will make your show legendary! Each exotic dancer customizes their shows to what you desire. Choose between a mild, sweet, innocent, and classy party or a wild, raunchy party for the history books. That’s right, we have something for everyone – even grandma!

Tell us about your event

Our male strippers entertain at all different kinds of events including bachelor parties, adult birthdays, divorce parties, and so much more. We will go over special requests, preferences, and more.

Approve the Quote

Once we get a plan in place, we will send you the quote for you to review. Once approved, we will start finalizing details.

Meet Your Party Guys

We will send you REAL photos of your party strippers. There will be no misrepresentation of our guys. Rest assure that all of our entertainers are highly trained and specialize in what they do.

Have Fun!

Our strippers will show up READY! They will bring the lights, music, and props to assist in a whole bachelorette show. The woman in the hot seat will receive personal dances, teasing, and body shots. You will have the option to upgrade after that for a spicy evening!


How many strippers will show up?2022-12-20T13:32:53-07:00

Two, three, four, or even more babes put on a show for the man of the hour. We will discuss details during your party planning.

Is tipping mandatory?2022-12-20T13:31:27-07:00

Yes, tipping is mandatory for every party. Remember that the more you tip, the wilder our girls get!

What locations do you recommend?2022-12-20T13:30:01-07:00

Our entertainers can provide hot fun anywhere your party needs; vacation rentals/Airbnb’s, hotels, party buses, golf courses, pool parties, and more.

Can we upgrade our package at the time of service?2022-12-20T13:28:52-07:00

Yes! Before the girls leave, they will also offer dances and VIP private dances. The girls will be at the party for at least an hour based on tipping.

What Are Your Age Requirements?2022-12-20T13:26:46-07:00
  • All of our strippers are 18 years of age and over.
  • Party guests MUST be the age of 18 years or older during the performance. You must provide a safe place for your exotic dancer to perform where she’s comfortable and can give you the the optimal level experience!
How far in advance should we book bachelor party entertainment?2022-12-20T10:07:27-07:00

Old Town Scottsdale Strippers will try our best to accommodate last minute bookings. However, we recommend to book at least a month before the event date to ensure availability of our girls.

How do you handle strict schedules?2022-12-20T10:06:31-07:00

Not a problem! When booking with our Scottsdale Strippers, please inform us of your schedule. This way, we are aware to make plenty of time to provide exciting bachelor party entertainment before your upcoming reservation.

We’ve had bad experiences in the past where the strippers showed up extremely late. What can we expect from the Scottsdale Strippers?2022-12-20T10:16:00-07:00

Old Town Scottsdale Strippers do their best to stay on schedule and reserves enough time for every event. At times, events can run late as we give personal attention to everyone at the event. In this case, we will inform your host as early as possible. We will provide an estimated time of arrival when we are on our way to your party.

How long are the typical bachelor party performances?2022-12-20T10:02:20-07:00

There are many variables that determine the length of the show. Length depends on the package you select and the size of the group. Tipping is an important factor as well. When booking our Scottsdale Strippers, you will communicate with us about the length of our stay, to ensure your group has the right expectations and budget.

Does Old Town Scottsdale Strippers accept payments digitally?2022-12-20T10:01:17-07:00

Yes! We accept Zelle, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Cash APP. If you are planning on using a payment app, please be sure to have it downloaded already with your card connected. This helps us to stay on schedule. Even though we take digital payments, cash is always appreciated and often the easiest form of payment.

What if we don’t have single dollar bills?2022-12-20T09:59:38-07:00

Our exotic dancers will bring change for singles. They also do not mind at all if you tip with larger bills. No worries, we will have you guys covered. We recommend each guest have a budget of $150 to $200.

What are the party rules?2022-12-20T09:58:28-07:00

We prefer to refer the rules as “favors.” They are simple, and we will go over everything with the group before we get started.

What do you recommend to keep the strippers a surprise?2022-12-20T09:57:52-07:00

What a great surprise for the man of the hour! Our strippers are sure he will love the bachelor party entertainment they will perform for him. We recommend everyone else be informed and prepared. This is an easy way to make the surprise even better, and the party much more fun for the bachelor.

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